Agriculture industry

The agriculture industry includes a number of different material handling areas, such as grain feed and seed. Within these areas we can deliver plants complete with silos, conveyor equipment for filling, dosing and emptying as well as pelletizing lines.

Within the grain sector, we have delivered some of our largest silo plants with regard to volume and capacity. As part of an ethanol plant, we delivered eight silos with a total area of 12,000 m3 for the storage of grain and pellets. Also included in the project was a reception facility, containers and conveyor equipment. One of our largest silo plants, volume-wise, also handles grain; four all-welded silos with a height of 34 m and a diameter of 16.8 m. The total net volume was approx. 29,000 m3. Included in the project was belt conveyors for the filling of silos, with two lines, each with two conveyors, of which one was reversible on each line. And a capacity of 240 tons of grain per hour and line.

Van Aarsen Kalmar Mixer svartvit

Feed manufacturing is also an important part of the agriculture industry, often involving upgrading and conversion of existing plants. During 2007, we were engaged as the construction contractor of a new feed factory for Vallberga Lantmän in Hov.

Bulkteknik are agents for Van Aarsens wide range of equipment and complete systems for producing feed and wood pellets.