Marine applications

Efficient loading-processes are important in marine terminals. The ability to adapt the ship loader for client-specific tasks and bulk material is in many cases crucial. We offer the necessary flexibility within loading, unloading and storage.

Ship loader

Every year, more than 25 million tons of dry bulk material are handled in Swedish ports. Bulkteknik Sweden has a long tradition of handling bulk material in the port area and in marine terminals. Loading and off-loading must be done in a limited period of time. Fast, even and reliable processes are of utmost importance. In order to achieve an even distribution of the material, telescopic projection is often used, as well as the capacity to shift the conveyor sideways, without the boat having to change position. Other common properties can relate to vertically adjustable and dust or spill-free conveyors. The transportations solutions in the facilities are usually various kinds of belt, screw or pneumatic transportation solutions.