Chain conveyors

Our chain conveyors have a range of applications for most powdered, granular or grain materials, with a transport capacity of more than 300-400 m3 per hour. The chain conveyors are based on a standard range which is adapted to meet customer requirements. For example, a chain conveyor design can be adapted according to manufacturing material, operational performance, capacity, length and width. The standard range has two different heights – 350 mm and 500 mm – and the width can then be varied. Depending on requirements, a chain conveyor can be manufactured in lengths of more than 50 metres without transfer points.


The chain conveyors are available in a range of different materials and finishes, including painted carbon steel, galvanised, acidresistant or stainless steel. In order to dampen noise and reduce wear on the chain, the base plate of the chain conveyor is fitted with HD1000 polyethylene and a spring-loaded tensioner. The chain conveyors can also be fitted with load capacity regulators and various outlet gates.